How To Ship My Car

You're relocating across the country and you seem to have it all under control - except for one thing... You still find yourself thinking, "I don't know how to ship my car!"

Shipping a car cross-country can be an incredibly stressful experience if you don't know what you're doing. Select from Patriot Auto Transport's various types of car transport services to meet your individual needs; our vehicle transport options are designed to meet the expectations of each customer. Car shipping services range from open door-to-door service to the ultimate in speed and protection - enclosed car carriers. Our auto transport options enable you to ship any type of car - exotic, classic, antique, etc.

We realize that car shipping is an intimidating task; it can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful if not done properly. "I know how to ship my car," you might say, "but I'm afraid that I can't afford it or that something terrible will happen to my vehicle". Not to worry - the experts at Patriot Auto Transport will ensure that the shipping of your car is managed in such a way that you will hardly even know it happened! We are always willing to work with the needs of every customer, regardless of whether those needs are financial, time-sensitive, or otherwise.

Patriot Auto Transport realizes that every person who wonders, "but how to ship my car?" is searching for a car shipping company that is not only affordable and personalized, but reliable. We only staff the best, fully-insured, experienced professionals at our facilities. Handling vehicles that are worth tens of thousands of dollars is serious business - we treat every car as if it were one of our own.

Choosing an auto shipping company is a daunting task - you want one that has a great reputation that guarantees a quality experience. By selecting Patriot Auto Transport, you are picking a company that has not only been around for many years, but one that has provided excellent customer satisfaction throughout its existence in the car shipping industry.

Regardless of which of our car shipping options you choose, you will receive the best service in the business. We can provide the quickest and most efficient cross-country car shipping in the nation, and we always do it at an affordable rate. Please contact us with any comments that we can use to better our car transport company. We are also more than happy to respond to any "teach me how to ship my car" -type messages that you want to throw at us!

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